Easy Malgrave Rep – Wildstar

Easy Malgrave Rep

In order to get the Easy Malgrave Rep, you are going to need to do the r12 event. Once that's complete, then you are going to be on the look out for Elite mobs called "Subject ?". Of course this is without the ?, and fill it in with the proper name. Keep in mind that there are normal and rare mobs, but these do not give any rep, only the 10 or so elite mobs in the area do so. They are usually alone and each elite mob, will respawn on a 15 minute or so timer. There is a pack of 3, but you should avoid these unless you know the 2 cheats listed below for easy farming.

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Easy Malgrave Rep

You're going to need to circle farm these Subject ? mobs, which simply means kill one pack, goto next pack, kill them, goto next pack etc, and then circle back and do them all again, once they start to respawn.

So far, nothing I have really told you has made this Easy Malgrave Rep. This is where a couple exploits come in, but it's for our VIP members to read them. As a non-VIP member, you can still tear into the mobs, but you won't be able to take them down super fast.

Using the 2 above exploits you should have no problem wiping out all the elites in the area reaping the Easy Malgrave Rep each turn.

Use this map below to find the Elites in Malgrave where you can gather your Easy Malgrave Rep. Don't forget! Check out our partner, if you need Wildstar Gold.

Easy Malgrave Rep

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