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Esper PVE Support BuildsThese Esper PVE Support Builds, will give you a general overview of a few different builds which are viable, since Wildstar went F2P (free-to-play). We go over the general Play Style, as well as Stat Priority, and best Runes, so that you will know where to put the most of your points, and don't make a Esper PVE Support Builds, which are gimped - at least as far as PVE goes.

If you read to the bottom of this page on Esper PVE Support Builds, you will note we have added some tips for Esper PVE Healers as well.

Esper PVE Support Builds - Playstyle

The idea on the Esper PVE Support Builds is to build as many Psi Points as quickly as possible to get as many Reveries/Mending Banners off and thus increase healing to your group/raid/etc. Knowledge of an encounter helps you know when to burst your healing and when to conserve your focus.

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Esper PVE Support Builds - Stat Priority

  • Focus Pool > Focus Recovery Rate > Multi-Hit (see runes table below)
  • +1.8k Focus Pool > Multi-Hit Chance > Critical Hit Chance > Intensity >Multi Hit Severity > Critical Hit Severity

Esper PVE Support Builds - Runes

When applying various Runes to bump your stats, aim for 6/6 Cynosure & 2/6 Resurgence.

Esper PVE Support Builds

Fresh 50 Single Target (healing)

  • Tank healing primarily. It incorporates T8 Mind Over Body, a single target heal, that heals for a good amount and grants one Psi Point.
  • T8 Mending Banner is your Finisher and should always be used as close to 5 Psi Points as possible.
  • Phantasmal Armor should be used as a last resort to give you time to heal up the tank with other abilities or save a dps fixing to die.
  • T4 Fixation offers 3 Psi Points, reduced cooldowns, and gives 360 focus over 12 seconds. Bolster is a heal-over-time used for Psi Point generation.
  • Can use Mediate if having Focus problems just don’t use full duration if it’s gonna get you killed.

Max 50 Single Target

  • Uses the same spells with the only change being that we tier up bolster to T4 for even more Psi Point generation and add No Pain No Gain/Bingo AMPs.

Fresh 50 AOE

  • Build is used 99% of the time.
  • T8 Soothe is a non-targeted heal that heals you and 4 others in the telegraph.
  • Soothe also is a channeled spell so can be prepped for when you know damage is fixing to occur.
  • T8 Reverie is your main Finisher that heals you and 9 others depending on how many Psi Points you have; should always try to use at 5 Psi points for maximum healing.
  • You have T4 Fixation, Bolster, and Reap for more Psi point generation/Focus Regen.

Max 50 AOE

  • Uses the same abilities except adding T4 Pyrokinetic Flame for the 6% AP/SP buff it gives people who hit the target the spell is affecting.
  • Another option would be to run T4 Warden if you have another Esper running T4 Pyrokinetic Flame since you will just override his Pyrokinetic Flame.
  • Warden T4 gives 12% reduction to magic/physical damage taken so it’s ideal for melee/tank even though it only affects 5 people who receive the healing in it’s area.

Esper PVE Support Builds Info for Healers

  • Wears light armor.
  • High range healer, has less mobility than the other 2 healing classes, but still decent mobility.
  • Best CC (knockdown, root, subdue, knockback) you can also reset your cooldowns by 60% with T4 Fixation, which allows for great CC chaining.
  • Good raid healer, can heal a big group of people without any problems.
  • Has only 1 single target absorb shield. Spellslinger has better absorbs and Medic has his shield healing. As an Esper you mostly will be healing the hp bar.
  • Party buffs:
    • T4 Pyrokinetic Flame: Increases assault and support power by 6%.
    • T4 Warden: Reduces damage taken by 12%.

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Esper PVE Support Builds Tips for Healers

Your best healing skills are "Soothe" and "Reverie" always use them!

Get your "Inspiration AMP" if you heal someone then they will take 8,5% reduced damage from enemy attacks.

If you can't manage your focus then get T4 Fixation. This skill will not only restore your focus, but also reduce all your cooldowns.

"Focus Mastery AMP" is also nice to have. And again try to get a higher focus pool and regeneration from gear.

When fighting a boss or even smaller monsters, always use your CC skills at the right time in order to interrupt. This will increase all your damage for a short time and your party will also not take any damage.

It's worth noting that esper can apply a large absorb and permanent defensive buff via warden in fights where the tank does not need to move much and also can provide many small absorbs with guardian rune set + mental boon as that applies an absorb every tick.

Esper PVE Support Builds - Conclusion

Well, that about does it for the Esper PVE Support Builds. We have tried to make for you a few builds which will be viable as you level, and a few for when you finish leveling to 50. Each of the Esper PVE Support Builds, were made after Wildstar went F2P, which means they are very fresh. However it's not an actual leveling guide. If you are looking for a Wildstar leveling guide, please check out Beastly, which I have verified HAS been updated to work with the latest patch.

As always, if there is anything you want to add to this Esper PVE Support Builds list, please post a comment or correction.

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