Fix Wildstar Connection Issues Tutorial

broken-chain-linkThis tutorial will Fix Wildstar Connection Issues. If you've had any problem logging in over the last few days, then this will help solve your issue. NCSoft said it was because of a DDOS attack, but following these simple instructions will let you get back online without incident.

Fix Wildstar Connection Issues tutorial 

For some reason, this "DDOS" attack has caused some people to have a DNS for wildstar/ncsoft connection issue. To fix this, you can manually specify the IPs in the hosts file in Windows, which is located at:


In that hosts file, you need to use Notepad (or similar text editor) to add the following lines:

Restart Wildstar completely and you should be able to connect again, which will fix the problem allowing you to login again and play.

Thanks to 0chriser0 for this Fix Wildstar Connection Issues tutorial.

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