Getting Started in Wildstar F2P

I would love to say it's easy, but Getting Started in Wildstar F2P isn't going to be, if you reference most websites. The main problem is that most sites aren't updated, they are just sitting there, waiting for a response from other users to correct something, and a lot of times, there aren't contact forms or comment areas.

However, we here at MMOEX are trying to make it easier for you when Getting Started in Wildstar F2P. Instead of a huge guide, which has been done multiple times in different ways, by different people I am going to simply place some links. If you want to add to it, post a comment with a helpful link, and I will add it to this compilation.

Exile Dominion Leveling Guide

Getting Started in Wildstar F2P

Getting Started in Wildstar F2P

For now though, lets get started on this Getting Started in Wildstar F2P, with a player guide. I am actually a bit impressed. At first glance, I thought it simply a re-hash of logging in and looking at what the character creation screens stated. Basically thought it was trash. And then I re-opened the link and actually took a longer look at it. It's grafix heavy, but there is a LOT of information here at PhixOnlion's site. Go through the entire guide, read everything, watch the videos.

Next up on the Getting Started in Wildstar F2P guide, is choosing your character. For this, I came across Oxtube's video to creating and choosing your first character. It has a mix of official videos and some custom info, make sure you watch it completely.

Here's what the Dev's had to say about Wildstar going F2P and the additional content that we can expect to see in the coming months.

If you missed the official trailer for Wildstar going F2P, you can catch that below.

If you have missed the patch notes, and want to know what has changed since Wildstar has gone F2P, you can find those here.

LEVELING GUIDE - Yah, you're going to need one of these. Not much choice here, don't expect any others to pop which give this much detail. Traditionally when a game goes F2P you can expect no professional to make a guide for it, since F2P players rarely pay for guides - luckily there is already one there.

Last, make sure you check out our New Player Tips for Wildstar. It's a whole jumble of information, but a good read.

I will try to add some new builds in the coming days, but again until databases and the sites are updated themselves, then placing builds will be difficult without any changes to skills being shown... Please bookmark and share/like this post, so others can find it as well.

Remember, we can still use some more resources for the changes which have occurred within Wildstar. If you have any site you want to add to this Getting Started in Wildstar F2P, let us know in the comments below...

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