Siege of Tempest Refuge Veteran Wildstar Gold Guide

Siege of Tempest Refuge

This Wildstar Gold Guide is for the Siege of Tempest Refuge. I believe the Adventure is different for Exiles and Dominion, so this is Exiles only, but maybe some tips can help you on the Dominion side as well.

Siege of Tempest Refuge

Siege of Tempest RefugeIt is a classic defense map. Enemies are coming from three sides and you have to defend the generator in the middle. To get gold the generators health has to stay above 95%. In this guide, I’ll call the three lanes left, middle and right (left is where you spawn).

You have to fight five waves and survive the last assault. You’ll get help by NPCs that level up if they don’t die. However if they die, they will respawn at the start of next round.


It’s a good idea to have a healer, a tank and three DPS. If you have badly geared DPS, it might be a good idea to let the tank do a bit more DPS as well, he should just make sure he can hold the threat of a lot of small mobs. A lot of the bosses require to interrupt them. I’d recommend at least 8 interrupts in the group!

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