Wildstar Class Guide PDF Download

Wildstar Class Guide

Wildstar Class GuideIt's one thing to play a class, but to really understand it, you need a Wildstar Class Guide. A Wildstar Class Guide will teach you the ins and outs of your particular class, but not just in name, but how to play your class and which skills are best used. This Wildstar Class Guide also goes over the best weapons and an intro into some recommended builds, without telling you which build is best. Really, there is no best build, until you know the best way to play your class.

Learn tips, tricks and strategies to keep pushing your combat performance one notch higher. Let me put it a different way though. If you could learn your class today, would you do it, or would you wait the time to level, play some PVP and some PVE and slowly learn different strategies, which might take months to master. You would learn them today, and now is your chance with this Wildstar Class Guide.

Wildstar Class Guide Features

  • Battle-tested builds for all 6 classes (Engineer, Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Stalker, Warrior) which helps you in PVP and PVE.
  • Skill lists with each skill defined, so you understand which skills are better for your class.
  • Optimized skill rotations, so you understand in which order skills will do the most damage or healing.
  • Pros and Cons, which delve deep to help you choose a class that fits your playstyle and thus an edge when facing other players.
  • Full Featured AMP guide teaches you the ins and outs of the character customization system and how to use it to power up your class above all others.
  • Advanced strategies help prepare you for both PVE and PVP against all foes large and small.

Choosing the right Wildstar class, is always an indicator on they type of player. Did you know that the most commonly played character type is DPS? Thats why those who learn to play either Tank or Healers tend to get invited to more groups then others. The other day I was leveling a Medic up and ended up grouping with some other players. The only one who saw value to me, was an Engineer. He stuck to me like Super Glue. When others were dying all around, he and I waltzed around. You see I would heal, and he would keep the aggro off me. Because of that, a good Healer such as myself will always be invited to more groups then a poor healer. At the same time I am more likely to invite to a group that Engineer, because he knew how to tank. The other guys who got out of range, or didn't protect me, wouldn't be invited, and probably didn't realize they were auditioning. This and more, can be learned in the Wildstar Class Guide. It's not just about learning skills and builds, but also about learning to play your class optimally.

Which Wildstar classes do what you ask?

  • Engineer (Ranged DPS, Ranged Tank)
  • Esper (Ranged DPS, Healer)
  • Medic (Ranged DPS, Healer)
  • Spellslinger (Ranged DPS, Healer)
  • Stalker (tank/melee dps)
  • Warrior (tank/melee dps)

Wildstar Class Guide

Wildstar Class Guide PDF Download


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