WildStar Gold Guide utilizing the AH/CE

I wrote this WildStar Gold Guide, because I’ve noticed a lot of tips and tricks to saving/making money, but usually are barely worth the time to read them. A popular rhetoric is to have two gathering professions. I think this is wrong in Wildstar for several reasons I’ll go into later. This WildStar Gold Guide will teach you how to take advantage of the Auction House / Commodity Exchange (AH/CE) in under 30 minutes a day, to maximize your Wildstar Gold profits. These are my personal tactics and tricks.

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WildStar Gold Guide

First, you need two features from mods. Okay, technically you don’t “need” mods to use the AH/CE. You also don’t technically “need” a keyboard to play this game. Skipping either are bad ideas.

AH/CE Mod – (my current choice is: Supernova) The point of this mod is to make the AH/CE UI much, much easier and faster to navigate. It’s incredibly clunky to navigate by default as you have to filter through dozens of items you don’t care about and a lot of extra UI space and clutter. This adds a beautiful little watch list so you can easily track the items you care about as well as immediately see which of your listings have been outbid.

Mail Mod – (my current choice is: Mail Helper) You want a “take all items” button. Period. I regularly deal with 50-150 transactions via mail at a time, and I don’t have the patience (nor want to spend the time) to click through those one at a time. You shouldn’t either.

I’d also recommend a AH/CE price tracking mod (my current choice is: Commodity Stats) in order to see how stable a price is and easily tell when a profit can be made. Another useful mod is a mass-crafting mod (my current choice is: Hephaestus) that allows you to chain your crafts. It’s pretty tedious to craft these items one at a time if you’re doing hundreds of crafts. You can do without these two if you want to keep your mod count low, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

You should have trade skills available, preferably crafting trade skills instead of gathering. Yes, I know this goes against conventional wisdom, for just about every WildStar Gold Guide! But I’ve used these techniques over several games, and I’ve found that you can always make significantly more money for your time investment by crafting. The advantage of double gathering professions is one of mental energy – they don’t really take any thought, so if you want a mentally-lazy solution, go for double gathering. The time spent harvesting enough materials to make a reasonable amount of money is actually deceptively long. Crafting trade skills also require more patience, even if they don’t require more time, which I’ll explain later.

WildStar Gold GuideFurther, in Wildstar, there are a lot more raw resources available because of housing plots. Vastly more. In previous games, rare mats had very cutthroat competition (especially on high population servers) and could provide a steady income. Now people can get these difficult-to-gather mats in the luxury of their house. There may be a few exceptions that I don’t know about, but generally speaking raw mats do not sell nearly as well as in other games, which again brings us to the difference in this WildStar Gold Guide.

You don’t really need a lot of money to start doing this with this WildStar Gold Guide. The idea is to invest whatever money you have available to turn it into more money as efficiently as possible. I started with 3 gold at level 15, and by 30 I had earned over 20 plat, max’ed a trade skill, and collected several nice-to-have items (amps, FAB kits, updated armor set) with just about 15-30 minutes a day. You can sink as little or as much time as you want into this, which is another reason I prefer these methods. Just like any other investment, the more money you put in, the greater your potential returns (and unlike the stock market, the items you’re investing in here have intrinsic worth – i.e. you can use actually use them).

WildStar Gold Guide Basics

In each transaction, you are trying to make more money than you spend. This sounds both obvious and easy, but it’s important to keep track of. In order to do this, you need to know two things: the amount you’re spending and the amount you’re making.

Your costs are either money (buying raw materials, which I generally would recommend) or time (time spent farming/harvesting materials) or both. Keep in mind that on the AH/CE each transaction costs 2% or 5s, whichever is higher. Because 5s is pretty rough when considering tiny transactions, try to buy in bulk (i.e. currently the limit of 200 items per listing). Basically, every time you’re paying less than 2g, 50 silver per transaction, you’re paying more in fees per transaction than you normally would.

That transaction fee also applies when you attempt to sell your results, so make sure to keep that in mind with how much you make. However, to be honest, I would never bother to actually calculate the 2% fee. If the fee is going to make or break a money-making method for you, it’s probably not profitable enough to bother with in the first place.

Generally speaking, you want to use buy/sell orders instead of buy/sell now as much as possible in order to keep your costs down and revenue high. Ideally, you’ll pick an item that you still will make money off of the buy/sell now price, so that if your buy/sell orders aren’t filling fast enough for your tastes you can use buy/sell now, but this isn’t strictly required.

Also consider if the amount of money you are making is worth the time investment. Once you start making gold and platinum per transaction, the transactions you started with that only made you silver can probably be ditched.

WildStar Gold Guide Crafter Techniques

WildStar Gold GuideThis is my favorite technique of all, in this WildStar Gold Guide and has been my money maker by far in Wildstar. The idea here is to use your crafting trade skill to produce an item more valuable than its individual components, and sell it to make a profit.

The key to this is looking at potential items you can craft, and not just seeing which is the most valuable to sell, but which will make you the most amount of money. The crucial difference between the two is how much the materials to craft the item will cost you.

A few important tips to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Many recipes make multiple items per craft. You should make sure you see this number of items per craft or get a mod that does show it.
  • Watch out for out-supplying demand. It’s all well and good if you make a plat off a craft, but if there’s only enough demand to sell it once a month, it’s probably not worth dealing with. Instead look for high-volume, reliable transactions for a steady income.
  • Don’t forget to consider selling to a vendor. I’ve made much more money off of vendors than players simply because I can sell absolutely everything I make, and I know exactly how much I can spend on materials and still make a profit.

WildStar Gold Guide Buy Low/Sell High Technique

This is the traditional WildStar Gold Guide technique that has existed in almost every game I have ever played with a currency. The basic idea is to use buy orders (often waiting for the price to be at its lowest) to purchase items for the lower end of their value, and then use sell orders to sell items for the higher end of their value (often waiting for the price to be at its highest).

I don’t like this WildStar Gold Guide technique for several reasons. It requires significantly more micro-management and observation of the market than the crafter technique. It also prevents you from making money whenever you want – you have to wait for prices to be low to buy product, and wait for prices to be high to sell product. You can technically post buy and sell orders at the same time, but your profits are much lower (thanks to AH/CE fees eating into the already limited profit margins) and you’ll be fighting other players doing the same (and often lose). It’s also more risky, as if the goods you buy suddenly tank – which happens a lot – you’re out of luck (and money).

That being said, you can luck out and make obscene profits from this WildStar Gold Guide technique and I’m currently using this technique to make money off of CREDD (buying them now while they’re cheaper, waiting to sell them for when they’re more expensive). Just be cautious when using it. The best time to do this is when something big is about to be new – CREDD have become available, a new raid is coming out (thus consumables and raw mats will become expensive), etc.

CommodityStats or a similar mod makes a fantastic difference in your ability to make money off of this method as well.

WildStar Gold Guide Vendor Techniques

This shouldn’t exist. I don’t understand why it happens so often and lots of searching and asking hasn’t really gotten me a satisfactory answer. But I’d be remiss if I left it out, so here goes.

Frequently, you will be able to get buy orders filled from the AH/CE at below vendor price. That means as long as you compensate for the AH/CE fees, you will make money simply vendoring items for other players. If this sounds stupid, you’re right. These players who fill your orders are losing money over just vendoring the items themselves. I tend to avoid this technique, but if you need a quick buck, it’s an option that exists.

Zygor for Wildstar!

WildStar Gold Guide Miscellaneous Tips

  • It’s almost always a bad idea to engage in bidding wars. You lose listing fees, shift prices in the wrong direction, and spend valuable time fighting with someone else. If you’re constantly finding yourself in a bidding war for your product, try finding one with less competition and save yourself time and stress.
  • Avoid greatly undercutting others on the market. Yes, you might move your items faster, but you could shift prices in the wrong direction for you, and will often end up in a bidding war anyways. If you really need to move product fast, use the buy/sell now options.
  • Diversify – you never know when the market for your major money-maker is going to tank.
  • If you are running out of buy/sell order slots, make an alt. You’ll lose some money sending items back and forth, but it can definitely be worth it. The alt also opens up extra trade skills.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about my WildStar Gold Guide on how to make money in Wildstar!

written by RicterD

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