Wildstar Halloween Freebies

I found a few Wildstar Halloween Freebies, which I think you should know about. They are after all, pretty spooktacular. Each of these are limited time offers, so you need to jump on them now... 

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Wildstar Halloween Freebies

Wildstar Halloween Freebies - The Plague CauldronFirst up on the Wildstar Halloween Freebies is the The Plague Cauldron. At the time of this writing, there were about 24k of these available. They need to be collected by no later then 11/2/2015, so jump on your broom and take flight to grab one of these keys, available from MMORPG.com.

Wildstar Halloween Freebies - GrimGourdSecond up, for the Wildstar Halloween Freebies, are the Grimgourd housing decorations. You get a small set of these items, think of them as gourds shaped like Jack-o-lanterns. You will need to goto this Facebook Page, and then complete 3 of the 4 tasks, to get your Grimgourd items.

Wildstar Halloween Freebies - Tophat of SoulsThe final item, for the Wildstar Halloween Freebies, is a funky looking hat, called the Tophat of Souls. Again, you need to goto a Facebook page, and again complete 3 of the 4 given tasks you get your hat.


Tip: If you are asked to share an item to your timeline in FB, change the permissions so that only you, can see the post. In this way, you still get credit for it, but do not have to actually advertise for them.

Bonus: Check out this Shade's Eve video...


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If you know of any other Wildstar Halloween Freebies or any for any other game, we ask that you share them with our readers, by posting a reply below in the comments - it doesn't need to be for Wildstar, it can be for any game or item you want to mention.


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