Wildstar Leveling Guide PDF Download

Wildstar Leveling Guide PDF DownloadWith the game having gone F2p, now more then ever do you need a Wildstar Leveling Guide. This Wildstar Leveling Guide, is in the form of a PDF download, and goes over everything you need, in order to level faster within the game, including step-by-step instructions as well as spell rotations, and recommended leveling builds, for faster kills, which in turn means quicker XP, and speedier leveling.

Wildstar Leveling Guide

Lets talk about what this Wildstar Leveling Guide, entails. First off, it's got over 200 pages on information. It also goes over builds and spell rotations, which is something you're not going to learn from Beastly's Leveling Guide. But where Beastly claims to level you 1-50, this Wildstar Leveling guide claims in about 1 week to level 50. Which is better? **Shrug** That will have to be up to you to decide.

Wildstar Leveling guide features:

  • This Wildstar Leveling guide levels you 1-50 within a week using impressive techniques designed to make you grind less for more XP and rewards.
  • Created with all 5 classes in mind: Warrior, Esper, Spellslinger, Stalker, Medic and Engineer.
  • Combat - Wildstar Leveling Guide PDF DownloadPath guides for all four selections: Explorer, Soldier, Scientist and Settler. Take your pick and travel through all the content, uncovering every secret along the way.
  • Dazzling selection of tested builds plus annihilating skill rotations that make sure you maximize your DPS, quickly dispatch enemies, and sow their XP and item rewards.
  • An overview of endgame Elder content and whole sections dedicated to preparing you to some of the most difficult challenges in the game.
  • Universal dungeon walk-throughs ensure your survival and optimal routine – enough for you to even lead a group to a prosperous run.
  • In-depth housing section introduces the concept of building and designing a home plus awesome ways to uncork your creativity.
  • Compete with old enemies by following the tips in the PvP section covering everything from positioning and tactics to matchups and skill selections.

Download the Wildstar Leveling Guide - Click Here

Please note, you will need a password to extract the files. Windows Explorer will not accept passwords, you must use an archive opener, such as Winzip, 7Zip (free), or Winrar.

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