Wildstar Player Tips

Wildstar Player TipsWith Wildstar going Free-2-play tomorrow, we figured some Wildstar Player Tips might be something that many of you might be interested in. Obviously, these tips aren't for everyone, and some of them might seem obvious. Most likely you are going to know some of these Wildstar Player Tips, some of you might not know.

Or maybe, you're one of those who likes to help others. If you're that kind of person, add a tip of your own below in the comments for all to read. We want yo hear your Wildstar Player Tips as well!

Wildstar Player Tips

We didn't come up with all of these Wildstar Player Tips, they are a compilation of several threads and from (hopefully) users of this website who wanted to share more Wildstar Player Tips with YOU.

  • You can double jump. This adds a ton of flexibility to your character when fighting and moving in the world.
  • Mounts - You can get a hoverboard at level 3 for 1 gold in the capital city. Take a taxi or run. Do NOT underestimate how fun hoverboards are.
  • The zones encourage exploration. Go look for datacubes.
  • The game has solo dungeons, called Shiphands. These are found under that tab in the group finder. Tick the box that skips searching for a group if you want to solo. - Don't skip fragment zero
  • Low gravity - This game does an amazing job with game mechanics. Low grav locations are FUN!
  • You can move around the ui if you don't want to try addons right away.
  • You can solo quests marked 2+ with espers, engineers and medics. I haven't tried the other classes yet...
  • Sit down and listen to the music. The game has amazing music, the Cassian gospel in Ellevar being my favorite. Check out the music here, YouTube.  

Exile Dominion Leveling Guide

Keep reading! There are currently 22 Wildstar Player Tips which should enhance your gaming experience!

  • Crafting - Take your time with crafting. It can be fun, however crafting later isn't too useful unless you're into Housing Decor.
  • Crafted gear looks nice at low levels and can make a difference with lower level characters.
  • There is a fast toggle between getting your cursor and going back to mouse movement. You can set the toggle in key bindings, by default ` is hold-down-for-mouse and ctrl-` toggles it (might be ~ for some keyboards).
  • Learn to respond to telegraphs. Moving and casting is a lot of fun in this game. First mmo where combat truly feels different.
  • Dodge is one of the most important skills in the game. Most people switch out double-tap for the Directional Dodge setting to avoid accidental discharge. Either way, learn to use it to position yourself correctly when an enemy is launching a telegraphed attack at you.
  • Join a guild. ASAP. It doesn't have to be a permanent choice, but even a small group of people has an advantage. More mature guilds can craft items for you that will help you as you level, provide XP boosts to members, and join you in your adventures.
  • Experiment with varying abilities or asking other players for advice while leveling. When you're actually ready to hit the endgame you should go find a class guide published by a good guild to learn about optimal build setups and whatnot for your class/role.
  • A lot of things are about to change with the F2P launch, so you aren't at a huge learning curve disadvantage. We'll all be relearning everything soon.
  • Though some items are dated, Jabbithole is still a good source of information.
  • You can right click on your character to log in (no need to left click + Enter game).
  • Interrupts. Learn how to use them, how Interrupt Armor works, and how to stack them. Once you get good, you'll find that a little skill makes combat faster and less lethal. It's also entirely required to do dungeons and shiphands.
  • When a mob is interrupted during their cast they will go into Moments of Opportunity. During this phase their health bar will turn purple and you will do double damage. So to maximize DPS you want to save your burst abilities for this phase when in raids, dungeons or shiphands.
  • If you have trouble casting while using WASD for movement, then try rebinding slots 7 and 8 to Q and E, it can revolutionize your casting ability.
  • Buy a Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse or similar mouse. Prices are nominal nowadays and your gaming experience will sky rocket.

Thanks goes to DaddySnotSucker, rrauwl, S-Flo, Tarkanos, weretree, PM_For_Help, somebears, Puizee, avannax, and PapadopoulosFetaCzar for their valuable input on compiling these Wildstar Player Tips.

If you have your own Wildstar Player Tips, please share them in the comments below.

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