Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks

I decided to share my Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks and made a guide for those who want to go through the whole battleground experience knowing what you're getting yourself into without making easy mistakes. Of course this includes my personal opinions and might not fit to everyone else's.

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I'm currently playing a LvL 50 SpellSlinger with full Assault legendary gear and the support energy shield fully runed with 6 6/6 Devastation runesets, a 2/8 and a 8/8 Vindication runesets as well as the Bludgeon, Full Strength, Quick Feet, Blood Rage and Punisher Fusion runes within a week (Disclaimer : 4 days and 2 hours of /played).

Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks: Saving Money

In terms of Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks, your cash will be one of the two things (the other one being the prestige) that will/might slow your progression down, so save up as much as you can, don't spend it on useless stuff before you're done with your gear. You will need it to buy Superb Rune Fragments and Superb Class Focus - Major as well as rerolling some of your gear's rune slots.

What to do with this Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks advice? Well, spend your first bit of money wisely, buy the gold PvP Gear completely, but don't even try to rune it, or do it for free with what you have on you (refined and some high runes are good enough to get you started) but please for the love of the Wildstar gods, don't add rune slots to the starting PvP gear ! it's a waste ! You have a somewhat useless type of rune on one of your piece of gear ? Let it be ! It will all be over soon.

Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks: Making Money

You're new, learning, and trying to get to that gear-point where you matter in a battleground, which means unfortunately no matter which battleground you like the most, you're here to make money and prestige, and in order to do that, it's random battleground time! Wildstar offers you the chance to get 125k XP, 20g and a bag of 300Prestige (that you really want to open but you won't do it because of what I'll explain later :|) for completing a battleground. This is your money making as a PvPer, which is the sole reason you won't mind getting completely destroyed in walatiki by any premade you'll meet. 20g is cool, 20g for sitting in a lost battleground for 2mins is even better.

More Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks advice? You need to realize your uselessness as a newcomer and undergeared player, you're not here to earn your stripes, just your gun and your bullets, to then, one day, earn those stripes. Make that cash, let it grow and save it for later ! Your damage is close to irrelevant without proper gear and runes, try to be useful, keep the opponents from capping, CC a lot, be annoying !

Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks

Wildstar PVP Tips & TricksThe Prestige system is capped at 10k, so you can't save it all up until you can buy everything you need at once. Don't lose prestige by overcapping yourself !

You remember those 300 Prestige bags i was talking about earlier in this Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks guide? Saving those was for 3 reasons : 1) Use them to complete the repeatable contract that asks you to earn 500 prestige, you will then be able to take another contract that requires you to actually be in a battleground. 2) Allows you to virtually get over the 10k cap of prestige to then spend your prestige wisely without wasting it into doubles (you can get gladiator's enhancers through bags earned after completing a battleground as well as prestige-gear through the last contract reward) 3) Keep the rest for later (again) when you decide to use a flask of riches before a long PvP Session. Once the flask is used, use all those bags you saved up to get additional prestige from it and from the next 3 hours of play while keeping in mind the fact that you don't want to reach the 10k prestige cap !

The contracts are the best way to get some additional runes (and one of my best Wildstar PVP Tips), so don't forget about them. As far as rewards are concerned, always take the rune bags for the 2 first tiers. The last tier can provide you a piece a prestige-gear so if you manage to get to that tier before buying all the prestige gear at once you might save a good amount of prestige right there.

Upgrading your gear needs to be in an efficient way. When you get your prestige gear, you should add a runeslot right away as it will cost more if you do it on a Superb or Legendary piece of gear once upgraded.

Rerolling your runeslots should be done once the piece is of a legendary quality since you can't know what colours will be the last slots. I personally bought service tokens with the omnibits i got while leveling to reroll the last runeslot of each piece of gear since before that you usually have more than one colour available until the last one, which means less chance of wasting money.

My best Wildstar PVP Tips? Plan your runes, google spreadsheet exists for a reason, i personally needed a total of 256 Superb rune fragments, 12 Superb set focus - minor, 12 Superb set focus - major, 2 Superb class focus - minor and 4 Superb class focus - major. You will need to buy some of the suprb rune fragments and most of the superb class focus-major if you're unlucky wit the bags, the rest should be obtained through pvp and contract bags easily. before you're done.

Buy enhancers for each piece of gear instead of rushing one to legendary too early because you might get a enhancer for that piece of gear later on which would be a huge save on prestige.

Wildstar Gold** TL:DR** (even if you should read all of my Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks) - All in all this is all about knowing what you're going for, planning ahead, and being efficient. Don't waste money, spend prestige wisely, runes are OP. Hazmat suit looks great. Don't get salty when you encounter premades, they make your life easier.

I hope my Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks will be useful to you all as it would have been to me as this is mostly information I had to learn the hard way since most online information is either non-existent or outdated. If you don't know which runes or rune sets you should go for just inspect random guys in battlegrounds, it shouldn't differ that much between players.

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