World of Darkness Vampire Werewolf MMO still being developed

It's been a long road, and it seems it will still be a longer one. CCP released a video showing a sandbox of the new MMO World of Darkness at their Fanfest a few days ago.

Interestingly, World of Darkness aims to be an MMO filled with Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and other nasty creatures of the night. While this isn't the first MMO to spout as having Vampires, it is the first one which will offer a true 3D experience and offer a not so cute look at them (see Forsaken World or Dark Eden).

Guild Voice and Hosting

The game is based on the pen and paper RPG ruleset of the same name, the same system behind Vampire: Masquerade. Expect lots of gore, high fashion and hand to hand combat. Your goal will be to amass as much blood and territory as you can to maintain your vampire empire. “Sandbox” and “Theme Park” zones will let you fight for territory and engage in some vampire politics. Players can vote each other into office as Prince of each region.

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