Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic – World of Tanks

Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic, is petty - kind of like real war. But when you need it most, it will make you better able to hit targets and clearly target, hiding enemies. All of this, will in turn help your team to better win the battle. This might not help you to win the war, but that's all an ongoing process anyways. So we pick and choose the battles we fight, and the tactics we employ. Anti-Base Capture tactic, is just one of the tactics that we employ to win the World of Tanks battle.

Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic

I have been playing World of Tanks for some time now, off and on. I like to think that some of the strategies that pro-teams make are sometimes attributed with some of the ideas I come up with. In this case, I haven't yet seen this tactic, but maybe someone else has thought of it already as well. It makes it so that your enemies have a harder time taking your base. This Anti-Base Capture tactic only works on a handful of maps, usually desert maps, but sometimes on other maps as well.

Tip: Use mods to enhance your WoT experience. It won't help you to play better (thats what this site is for), but it will help you to have more fun.

Now onto the Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic ...

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