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Chucks WoT Modpack does a variety of things to the World of Tanks game interface. It's actually a combination of several different mods, which work together well, and create a package that some might consider borderline cheating. None of the mods however are against the rules, and none of them actually hack the game. Some of Chucks WoT Modpack include such features as Tundra, Lasers, XrayTracers, Autoaim, Reload Timer, and more. We'll go into more of that below.

Keep in mind, you can get all of these mods, at various sites, if you choose to do a search for them. Just remember that any other combination of mods may or may not work well together, and that Chucks WoT Modpack has already been filtered, modded, and tested to verify everything works well together.

Chucks WoT Modpack

xvm-overtargetmarkersChucks WoT Modpack includes XVM. XVM is an extended Visual Manager, which gives you more features then are normally available within the game client. Even if you choose not to use the rest of Chuck's WoT Modpack, you should use XVM. It can be found here. The main thing which XVM provides, is stats. Player stats to be exact. You will need to create an account to use XVM. It should also be noted that using XVM can increase your Ping and lower your FPS. So if you are on an older computer or a slower connections, you might want to NOT install it - or possibly just test it out first.

Warning: Reload Timer mod is horribly optimized!If you experience low FPS after battles, delete "ZJ_MRL071.pyc" from "\0.9.10\scripts\client\mods\"

So let's now take a look at some of the features of Chucks WoT Modpack, as they are seen within the game. I am not going to list them all, as that would take up way too much space, and really just these few will show how essential this modpack can be to you.

XRay - See through objects

Chucks WoT Modpack - XRay

Tracers - See where your shots are going

Chucks WoT Modpack - Tracers

Lasers - See where the enemy is aiming


Tweak Tool - More mods and tricks available to you

Chucks WoT Modpack - Tweaker Plus

Like I said, there is a lot more then just these mods and tools to Chucks WoT Modpack. For the full and complete list, just go ahead and download and install this modpack to World of Tanks.

Chucks WoT Modpack Important Notes

  • Lower FPS drop.
  • Tundra mod is now an executable. It is way better and has 0 fps loss.
  • Contains XVM + my personal XVM config.
  • AutoEquip is included into ModXVM.
  • G - Battle Assistant while in arti mode
  • The rest of the mods are enabled by default and there's no need to disable them.

How to install Chucks WoT Modpack:
Copy the contents of "[ALL MODS] All in One - without XVM" folder to your WoT mods folder /World of Tanks/res_mods/

Quick Tip: Find the icon to Launch WoT, right click on it, and open file location to quickly open the location of your WoT game folder.

Download Chucks WoT Modpack:

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