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Prevent Turret Movement - Stealth TipThis might sound like something you don't need to know, but there are 3 ways to Prevent Turret Movement in World of Tanks. When you Prevent Turret Movement, this allows you to "stealth". If you don't move, then you can still look around, to some small extent and save the stealth effect which hides your tank from nearby enemies. This is especially useful for Tank Destroyers, SPG's (Artillery), and forward scouts - or those who have moved up behind enemy lines, but aren't moving in the hope of giving your team an advantage by knowing enemy tank placement.

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How to Prevent Turret Movement...

The first way to Prevent Turret Movement, is to remove your hands from the controllers. This is pretty much self evident, but hard to do, when you want to look around for an easy target to shoot at.

The second is when using a mouse, to right click when you move the mouse allowing you to look around you. This method works well, and will also prevent a turret from turning whichever way you look, preventing a possible loss of shot if you know a tank is in the direction of where you were previously pointing.

The third way to Prevent Turret Movement, is to enter chat, but don't type anything. Now you again won't be able to look around, however if you use the above second way mentioned, and then realize your turret is facing the wrong way while you rest, then you can enter chat, to lock it in place.

All of these methods do add some risk to the game, in the loss of visual looking, but the benefit is profound when scouting or hiding from nearby enemies. If the enemy doesn't know where you are at, then a sneak shot can do wonders. Of course waiting till they are out of range also helps your team for SPGs, as the loss of one of these can mean the difference of a win and a loss.

Where should you aim on a sneak shot? Aim for the tracks to disable their movement, giving the SPG time to aim. If you want the kill shot, aim for their back-side, where they are most vulnerable, and think on what happens if you miss or don't kill the enemy tank (your tank dies).

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