Tanking it to the Extreme tactic – World of Tanks

Tanking it to the ExtremeTanking it to the Extreme, is a new mission for World of Tanks. Your mission? Complete 300 battles, and winning 100 of them. The catch? You have to complete the objectives before February 1st, 2014. For any true World of Tanks player, this will be an easy feat. Especially when you consider that most players actually have a 40%-60% win ratio. The better players have more then 50% and the lesser players, less then 50%. Of course the win or loss of the game is also a reflection of the team, and not necessarily the the player, but a team of good players will always trump the team with the so-so players mixed with good players. It's simply a matter of knowing the strategies and working well as a team.

So the Tanking it to the Extreme mission can be done the easy way, or the hard way. I much prefer the easy way, and will enjoy my 1,000,000 credits to boot. I have had a few tanks waiting to be bought, and this will help me in my goal of purchasing them.

Tanking it to the Extreme Tactic

Believe it or not, this is really simple. The long way to win the battles, would be to play your normal tanks, get in the battle and either win or lose. But each of these battles are going to take anywhere from 10-15 minutes. If we take an average of 10 minutes per battle, to get 300 battles, you need 3000 minutes, which equals 50 hours. That's pretty extreme, unless you don't actually work. Admittedly, from now, that's 8 days. but you're still looking at needing 6.5 hours a day. The good thing about this... you will be helping others to achieve their win ratio too.

To win, you need a lot of battles. You don't even necessarily need to help to win the battles. Which is where this tactic comes in. Its not a nice tactic, but you're going to get those 300 battles, and those 100 wins a lot more quickly. If you follow this Tanking it to the Extreme tactic, we can cut your time in 1/2 or possibly 1/3, but it depends on you.

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