World of Tanks: Credits Farming Tip

Sometimes, after you have gathered enough experience, it still takes you a while to get the next tank, because you are shy credits. This quick tip may help you. I have found that I am able to farm credits faster in one tank, a lot quicker then any other. In fact in a recent battle, I was able to farm a whopping 30k, of which, I lost 6k to repairs and ammo restocking. We lost the battle, but I earned so many credits, even I was amazed. So what is this remarkable tank?

Believe it or not, it's an SPG. Now I suppose that a TD would work just as well, however I haven't really tested this that much. It also comes down to the fact that this tank is in what I call the sweet spot of farming credits, which is Tier 5. At Tier 5, repairs aren't that expensive, and the more tanks you hit/damage, the more you get paid.

On the fight I mentioned above, I destroyed 2 tanks, and damaged 4 others, of which 5 were crits. I never realized my M41 was going to reap me this amount of credits. It helps that I can long range and hit so many tanks. It also helps that it's not a low level tank which makes less on each battle. And again it helps that it's Tier 5 - however to be fair a Tier 6 might make more money, but the loading and aiming time is much longer.

So if you need to farm credits, break out your TD, and find a snipe spot. Or bring your SPG into battle and snipe from anywhere on the battle field. Just remember to hit as many tanks as possible. The more you damage, the more credits you will make.

If you learn more about SPGs and gain a bit more respect for the crap they take from other players, more power to ya!

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