World of Tanks ESP Mod

This World of Tanks ESP Mod, will allow you to be able to see through buildings and around environment (but not shoot them), in order to see which of your enemies is around the corner from you. Technically, this isn't a game hack, but rather a modification, so you should be safe from bans and suspensions, as long as you do not show off or make it obvious you are using a cheat.

World of Tanks ESP Mod

So you might ask yourself how does ESP in a game work. It basically gives you a 6th sense to where enemies might be hiding. by providing location info about enemies. Often this is created by using an outline to show where the enemy is, sometimes it's a box, or line drawing. This is mostly useful in shooter games, but on occasion can also be used in non-shooters, when playing PVP or in dungeons to see where enemies are located. Usually it's a manipulation of memory, and can become detected, however since this World of Tanks ESP Mod just changes game settings, you should be fine.

World of Tanks ESP Mod Installation

  1. Download (see below) and open the archive
  2. Unpack folder to game directory.

World of Tanks ESP Mod Instructions

You can change the hotkeys within the configuration file (all mods listed below).

Default keys:
KEY_NUMPAD1: Turn on or off ESP
KEY_NUMPAD2: Turn on or off Tundra

Download World of Tanks ESP Mod

Non-VIP Member Download | Mirrors #1 | #2 | #3

VIP Member Download (password below)

World of Tanks ESP Mod

World of Tanks ESP Mod authors: Skino, Makct, & EPRST
Last World of Tanks ESP Mod release Jan 29 2016

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