World of Tanks: Guide to Teamplay

So I decided to make this guide out of frustration as I’m sure many others have also had. One weak link in the team can cause everything to fall apart. This guide will help teach you what to look for. How to be aware of the situation around you. Using your tanks effectively, and how to work as a team. If all is said and done and you still lose, at least you know its not your fault of having poor judgment or lack of communication.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

IMPORTANT: Now before I start, remember.. The situation of a battle can change in an instant. It all depends on the team setup, how many tanks of each kind your team has vs the other, How the map itself is setup Terrain wise, etc. Everything can factor what a “perfect” setup or tactic will be. It also depends on the tank, not all light tanks are the same. some cannot scout very well at all, others are perfect for the job. Using your tank how its supposed to be used can be the difference between a win and loss. Also No Medium tank is the same, or heavy, nor SPG. Some are similar and can be used the same, some not so much. Its up to you to learn what your tank can or cannot do, and its limitations .

There is no such thing as a crappy tank, or an overpowered one. Every tank has a strength and weakness, and its up to you as the commander, to utilize your tanks strength against your enemy’s weakness.

Also remember, Every nations tanks are different as well. German Light tanks need to be played different than Russian Light tanks in most cases, Just like Russian SPGs can do some roles better than U.S. SPGs to a degree. They all have their strengths and weaknesses throughout all the tank classes. The key to truly being a team player and enjoying this game all together is not only finding which type of tank fits your play style, but also which nations tanks in that type fit your play style.

Scouting and light tanks:

Every game I see at least 1-2 people push forward. suiciding themselves to reveal as many enemy tanks as they can before dieing. Granted this helps the team know where they are currently heading, and it can help in the short term. Long term this does nothing for the team because the mediums and Heavies and SPGs are not in range to take advantage or support the scout.

To be a good scout you want to use your speed to reveal the enemy but stay within firing range of Mediums and Heavys and SPG’s. Don't go out to far unless you know you can get back alive. Use your speed to your advantage, as soon as a few enemy reveal themselves, pull back. You want to stay alive to do it again. Unlike the suicide scout, you can reveal enemy’s again and again, showing where they’ve moved, and are moving too. Finding open alleys or undefended areas that mediums and heavy’s can capitalize on to flank the enemy. Once you reveal a few enemy’s down 1 corridor, pull out, and help another area of the map, or find un defended areas that can be beneficial.

Another role of a light tank is to draw fire. SPGs love to target sitting light tanks as they are easy 1 hit kills. Draw fire from SPGs and hide behind a rock, or use your speed and maneuverability to draw fire from a heavy or medium tank at longer ranges where its hard for them to hit you, once that enemy fires, another medium or heavy on your side can open fire and duck back. Remember, it takes time to reload. Make the other team waste his shot on you.

Additional Tips:
(These tips are in conjunction with what I’ve already posted above, just a bit more in depth on certain tactics)

  • Depending on the game, map and team setup, sometimes its better to sit a little ahead of a choke point and just sit. Your more useful to your team scouting and not shooting, other then; shooting, dieing and spectating for the rest of the game. You don't NEED to do damage as a light tank, your the eyes and ears of your team, that's your job. As long as at the end of the battle you have scout points, you did your job, and as you get better, your scout points and exp and credits will go up, as will your ability to survive even landing a few kills. Remember, you don't get credit for kills, you get credit for HITS – Your turret is strictly for defense purposes and to land critical hits on larger tanks when the opportunity presents itself to allow it to be a sitting duck for your SPGs and heavies. Those few shots you DO get off which end up being crits I.E. taking off a tread, etc. help your team to destroy the threat in a timely manner, it will also add exp and credits to your final score, as well as a small modifier for scouting it.
  • When scouting and you run up against an enemy heavy, run, do not try to duke it out with the heavy. Go into Sniper mode and take out their tread or engine with HE, and retreat, allow your SPGs to do their job and other heavies to get into position to cut it off. If you have no friendly SPGs in range or heavies, Do not shoot, simply move back and scout it as it moves, dipping in and out of cover and behind hills to scout it along its path until a heavy or SPG can get in range to help.
  • If its later in the game and you’ve done your job, and there are only a few enemy tanks left, while your team is still going strong; you can feel a little more courageous. At this point if you die you’ve done your job, your team is winning, and there is only 1 heavy left and a few SPGs, Go ahead and try to flank the SPGs and find the hidden remaining heavies. Circle up behind the SPGs and attempt to take them out. Otherwise, keep doing your scouting tactics that have been working up until now, use your speed to your advantage, harassing the artillery at this point is helpful to lay the final blow on the enemy team, the artillery will want to target you because your closer and flanking and are a light tank who they can probably 1-2 hit K.O., this will allow a gap in their long range defense to allow the slower mediums and heavies to move up. If the artillery doesn't fall for the bait, move in and harass it close range and make them wish they did.

How to be a Stealth Scout:

I’ve only recently been messing around with this type of scout. I came up with the idea while my tank was badly damaged, so I tried it a few times in other games from the very start. A stealth scout really shouldn't be seen often, if at all. These types of scouts are the spotters for SPGs etc. and are seen very few times. You may not peg any kills and may have to rely on minimal and only spotting points, but the good you can do for the team will make up for it in a win if done right.

  • Move slowly (unconfirmed). You have different speeds on your tanks, from my tests speeds may help you to be spotted behind cover and from greater distances. If you move slower, you’ll be harder to spot, and become stealthed faster.
  • Unlike the other scouts, don't be the first one in, wait until fights are already breaking out then creep your way around the enemy slowly from cover to cover, try to find high ground and sit and spot.
  • Do not break things. SPGs while in the birds-eye view can see you knock things over, even if they cannot see you physically, they will see the tree being knocked over, or the wall being crushed. Do not let the enemy know you’ve just been in that location. The less things that are broken around you, the more it’ll seem to them that the area is safe and their guard will be down.

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