World of Tanks: How to play on a Macintosh

The developers of World of Tanks, have already announced they have no plans to port World of Tanks to the Unix based OS, and that means no native Macintosh support. However, it’s possible to run WoT, on your Mac still. However it’s actually a bit of a pain.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

In order to run Macintosh, you might think to run WoT in WINE. It is possible to run it on Mac through Wine emulator, but there are major issues with controls (mouse) and some other glitches. But it does start up.

It is possible to run it through VirtualMachine, but you won’t like it: current VM’s don’t have hardware support for graphics rendering. So, don’t expect FPS above 1.

The only way to play World of Tanks on the Macintosh is to use Boot Camp, with Vista SP2. So once again, Unix/Linux/Mac users are being snubbed… but you can play on the Mac with some sacrifices.

Just because the devs announced they have no plans, doesn’t mean they won’t port it in the future. Rumor has it, they have hired some OpenGL devs, and could use this to make a port. However I wouldn’t expect a release for native support, in the next 3-6 months.

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