World of Tanks: My Little Pony Tank Mod

I don't actually use many mods for World of Tanks. I have found that one which shows icons, depicting what tier and tank type is usually all I need. I even prefer the standard sight's, since they show reload times and when I can hit a target (even if I can't see them). I don't like using mods to change the looks of tanks, because really they don't actually do anything =- towards hiding or finding the enemy easier. However the My Little Pony Tank mod, kind of puts things in perspective and makes the game a bit more fun.


World of Tanks Hand Leveling

The TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has attracted a large number of audiences. World of Tanks may used to be one of the most non-pony places,but now it is going to change, because Pony is invading into World of Tanks. Based on his and others' modifications for World of Tanks, Modder RelicShadowinto has made a definitive 5GB overhaul package, which resulted in a ground-up transformation of World of Tanks in which ponies pervade every inch of the battlefield.


Quote: RelicShadow

I was playing this game well before I became a fan of Friendship is Magic, my newfound interest lead me in search of potential mods for it. After all was said and done and I had my big pile of mods, I decided I might as well be the one to make [the megamod] happen.

The conversion package includes 90 audio tracks, renamed nations, new achievements, pony tank skins, and rainbows out the wazoo. Reportedly, it is a somewhat tricky to get the mod to work correctly, and RelicShadow recommends that no other mods are installed in addition to this one.


If you're interested in this powerful pony mod, you can either download it here or check out a video of the voice changes below.

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