World of Tanks: New Feature – Free Experience

No, Free Experience isn’t new, but what is new, is that you get Free Experience for free. About 5% of each battle experience, goes to Free Experience. It’s kind of like getting 5% extra experience per battle. This is a good thing, as the amount of experience we now get per battle, seems reduced a bit.

What is Free Experience? Free Experience, is experience you can use on any tank to upgrade.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

What I like to do, is use this xp, on tanks that I plan to get, before I actually get it. For example, right now, I have a SPG M37 Artillery (Tier 3). Now it’s going to take me about 15,000 exp, till I can get to the M7 Priest. What I can do is use the exp I get from battles, to work my way up, and take the free experience, and put it into tank upgrades for the M7 Priest. Alternatively, you can take it and use it on your main tank as well.

Another option, is to research a different tree completely. So while I need 15k experience to upgrade my Arty, I can instead take the 750xp I will earn, and put it into my light tank tree. We do this by clicking on Tech Tree, and then choosing a spot to put the experience into. While I do not actually have a M2 Light Tank, I can still put the free experience into it, and work my way upto the M3 Stuart Light Tank. Then, when I have researched the M3, I can work on my way to the M5 Stuart, without actually buying the tanks.

The last option, is to actually buy World of Tanks Gold, and use the experience you gain from gold seal or fully upgraded tanks, to get more Free Experience to upgrade tanks in various trees. You can read my past posts, for tips and tricks on that end of things.

World of Tanks, Free Experience

TIP: Even if you use your exp, in a gold seal tank to accelerate crew training, you will still get 5% of exp going towards Free Experience.



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