World of Tanks: Update, Changes to game play, New Strategies

So the other day there was a major update to the game design, and whoa! It's actually something which is a definite game changer. I presume the change has something to do with them using a new engine with World of Warplanes and the new World of Warships.

You can check out the full patch notes here, but I am just going to highlight some of my favorites.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

First off, they added the ability for you to push a tank, even if it's not "dead" yet. I presume that engine power will make a difference on who pushes who, but my one test... on the receiving end of this feature, didn't go so well.

You can check out my replay of being on the receiving end of being pushed into the water via this replay: 20120926_1651_france-RenaultBS_02_malinovka (to watch, download to your computer then double click on the file - ctrl-right arrow to skip 40 seconds at a time). Note that the being pushed, starts about 9 minutes into the replay.

World-of-Tanks-Expert-PackSecond they added the ability to actually go into water, which is above your head. You only get about 10 seconds fully submerged, before you "die", but that 10 seconds will allow for some more interesting maneuvers. I do not know if going into the water removes you from sight however.

Third, you can now go down mountains, cliffs, and hills. This feature is really cool for artillery which can now hide in ravines, without the enemy being able to spot them. However you might not be able to get back out of a ravine. Additionally, because other tanks can now push, you can be pushed off a cliff, causing falling damage. Of course the negative feature about all this pushing and falling, it means that you can't use the environment to angle yourself to shoot down mountains anymore. The "invisible wall" might have held you back before, now you might get a shot and then pitch forward too much and fall.

The last thing I am excited about is that camouflage paint now gives you a 5% bonus to hiding. So add in your camo net and paint together for a better hiding factor. Especially useful to Artillery and Tank Destroyers. You can either use the standard game credits or WoT Gold to buy the Camo Paint. The cost of perma paint has been reduced, however I recommend saving this for tier 5 tanks or tier 4 SPGs, because below those levels your tanks will change often anyways.

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