World of Tanks: Why I like the new free tank T1E6


This is mostly an opinion piece, but in recent days, gave away a free gold tier 2 light tank to all players, the T1E6. Now what I really like about this tank, isn't the tank itself, it's the fact that the matches are almost even. Almost everyone is using this new tank to play, and earn some credits and get some experience. Now in reality, I see Wargaming using this to get people to buy or use gold to convert the exp to free exp, and that's acceptable - they want to boost sales.

Why I like the tank however, is the battles. Imagine a completely even battle in terms of mechanized infantry. It all comes down to tactics at that point. Whomever has the best strategy will always win.

At this point, on short city maps, the best strategy is often to actually wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then rush their base with everything. I know this sounds a little stupid, but what happens is in those 30-60 seconds, the other side spreads out, they rush hills or wooded areas, and basically they run to their hiding spots, or scout. Basically, they spread out, away from their base. They send the scouts in, which you decimate. Then you charge.

When you do the charge, it's important that everyone gets on their base. Sure someone won't, and really there is nothing you can do about that, but if everything goes right, with 12-15 tanks on their base, even taking into consideration the few that don't get on there, or get hit, then you should be able to win the match in 3-5 minutes.

Does this work? You bet it does! I have actually been using this strategy for quite a long time now. My friends and I use this on a few maps, where it's rare for the enemy to move down the middle.

Tip: Buy both explosive ammo and penetrating ammo. Penetrating ammo is for close range fights, explosive ammo is for far off shots.

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