World of Tanks-mas Sale

World of TanksWorld of Tanks-mas is a sale which ends on January 16th, 2014 and allows you to purchase some specials for World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. Each day, there is a new special, or rather several specials which you will be able to purchase. Some of them are for WoT gold or WoWp Credits, Premium Tanks with garage slots, premium items, or maybe even premium access. What they have each day, is a closed secret until that day, so you will have to check the page each day to see if there is anything you want to purchase.

Bundles become available on the Premium Shop each day at 03:30 PST (06:30 EST) and run until 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) the following day.

An additional selection of bonuses is available here.

World of Tanks Powerleveling

I have been considering for a while opening up a powerleveling shop on this site (non-exploit) leveling, and am wondering who here would purchase services. I am currently able to sell this service for Tier 5 and above tanks for $30 per 100k experience (sells of $35 at our competitors). This service is botted, and you would need to already have a premium account. If you would be interested in purchasing this World of Tanks leveling service from us, please use this form, and I will get back to you, with the details.


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