WoT: Know thy enemy. When you know them, you can defeat them

In a recent battle, it got down to 3 on 2, then 2 on 2, 1 on 2, and finally 1 on 1. Like any battle this is something which happens fairly often. I was perched up on a hill, sniping enemies when I could, and when we were down to 3 on 2, I was going to go for the enemy base, thinking my compatriots could hold the line. However when 1 tank went down, I changed directions on a call for help. Soon it was me, another tank and a Tier 3 Arty. I managed to take out the other tank, but the Arty was still somewhere out there.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

My team was spamming the map, for me to grab their base, but I knew the limitations of the other tank. This limitation, is what allowed us to win the game. Well actually, it was knowing the limitation, knowing that when it was hitting me, that it only had a short range, it couldn't hit from across the map. Because I knew this, I knew the arty was close to our base, and it was just a matter of time. All I needed to do was wait or search for him. When he came to grab our base, I would have him.

If I had followed what my compatriots wanted me to do, we would have lost. We would have lost the time it took for me to get to their base, while they took our base. That time would have made them win.

So here's your lesson for today... go play a few low level other tanks. If you like mediums/heavies, play an arty/TD - or vice versa. Play to about Tier 3. When you know what your enemy is capable of, you are more likely to defeat them.


Here's the replay of the battle, if you are interested: http://fbe.am/8YS

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