WoT: Proof that these guides work!

Anyone can claim that their guides work, but nothing speaks louder then pictures.Consistently, zycamzip gets 1-2 kills each game, and then once in a while, gets a big score. Grats on your Top Gun medal zycamzip!

Proof RPGE's WoT guides work

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

A T-28 tank, is a Tier 4 medium tank, on the Russian side. It's the precursor to the dreaded KV. zycamzip's configuration has the stock gun, stock turret, stock tracks, upgraded radio, and upgraded engine.

The upgraded engine allows for faster movement and hill climbing. The upgraded radio, allows for more distance between teammates' enemy tank positioning. In this particular model, the stock gun has a slightly higher accuracy rate, useful for long range sniping. An upgraded turret, would allow for more armor, but this configuration works fine, which is to snipe or close range combat/

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