WoT: When to use High Explosive or Armor Penetrating shots

Commonly, people wonder what the real difference is, with each type of shell. First off, AP or Armor piercing is needed when the enemy has a high amount of armor.

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Overall the real difference with these types of shells, is that AP will disable tanks and kill/wound the enemy crew. HE will damage the tank, basically take down it's health quicker.

A basic idea of when to use each, is use AP against Tier 4 or higher Heavy Tanks and Tier 5 or higher Medium Tanks or Tank Destroyers.

If your shots bounce a lot, even with AP, then you want to get HE shells. HE shells are high Explosive. They will explode on contact and won't bounce.

We can always use HE shells on Light Tanks and Artillery. The HE will decimate those tanks in a few shots, where AP might disable them, but still allow them to shoot.

When should you use the shells which cost gold? Only in tournaments.

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