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10 Best Transmog Dungeon RunsWhen it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft, I like to use these 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs. There are several ways to make your gold, but transmog can be over the top, when there are few items on the auction house.

Specifically, I like to hit up these dungeons to maximize my return on time invested. I also like to rotate the dungeons I will hit, rather than hitting one every day, flooding the market. If you're looking to make quick wow gold, there aren't many consistent alternatives. 

10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs

These 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs are listed from best to worst for Return on Investments based on the time it takes to run, and the maximim gold possible to achieve. Remember, that servers may deviate from the average, so check your server for item values.

Dungeon/Instance My Rating Comments
Ahn'Qiraj Amazing - Luck Dependent Contains a lot of big items but more small items. Hit or miss! You might go in and get 4k, or you might get 80k+.
ZulFarrak Amazing - Consistent Lots of medium priced items. Tends to drop a lot of them frequently.
Razorfen Downs Amazing - Rogue Good - Rest of classes Recommended farming this on a rogue due to the amount of big items that can drop in chests. However mob drops can still be great, if you're lucky.
Ragefire Chasm Great - Alliance Dominated Server
Bad- Rest
Only about 5 items in here worth anything;Frequent Drops. Prices will be better on these items if you are on alliance dominant realm, due to accessibility to instance.
Uldaman Great - Luck Dependent Has the most expensive transmogs in game, however they are amongst the rarest items in game also. Hit or miss if you don't get any blue items or patterns.
Blackfathom Deeps Great - Consistent Drops heaps of medium greens. Blues are only the cherry on top. Expect 50k minimum every lockout.
Diremaul Great Each wing has its own strengths and great drop tables.
Wailing Caverns Medium Shares the big items from RFC but are alot more rare.. however there are alot of medium greens in here and a pet
Razorfen Kraul Medium Recommend using a rogue for chests but not necessary. A lot of medium 2k - 7k greens. Hit or miss unless you get a blue.
Blackrock Depths Medium - Luck Dependent Big items are hard to come by. A few decent greens but not many, its great if you are in need of large brilliant shards

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I know this is a list of the 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on another 8 that I farm infrequently. I farm them, when the markets are flooded or I am bored and want to do something different. A little luck goes a long way.

Dungeon/Instance My Rating Comments
Blackwing Lair Great - Mages
Bad - Others
Only farm-able on a mage due to resetting trash. A lot of medium greens. Big epics and Orb of Deception. Also a pattern or two.
Lower Blackrock Spire Bad Biggest item you'll receive here is an Orb of Deception but there are a few decent greens. A pain to run.
Shadowfang Keep Bad Good if you chance by a big blue, but the only green worth anything is Buccaneers vest.
Sunken Temple Poor A few greens, but you really need a blue to make it worth unless your skinning for Green Scholomance.
Deadmines Poor A few greens are ok, but pet is only thing worth anything Dragonscales
Strath SE Poor Greens are terrible. Only farm if you need mount.
Gnomergan Insane - If Lucky Very Poor if not Biggest hit or miss in game. Greens are worth next to nothing. A few blues are ok, unless you get one of the big twink items - then you hit the jackpot 500k+ !!!
Strath ME Poor - Consistent Greens can be ok but not frequent. Only do if bored

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