1000 Bloody Coins hourly – World of Warcraft

It's easy to farm 1000 Bloody Coins hourly, if you have 2 accounts. 1000 Bloody Coins hourlyWhile there are other methods to farm bloody coins, this method will focus on how to do it with 2 accounts - one Horde level 90, one Alliance level 90.

1000 Bloody Coins hourly

The method is very simple, and relies on you having both an Alliance and Horde character, which can be met on the same servers, preferably a low population server. This may or may not work on a high pop server - but does on a low pop server.

1000 Bloody Coins hourly instructions

Note: If you want to farm coins on opposite faction, then switch Horde to Alliance and Alliance to Horde in the following instructions.

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