1000 Wakening Essence trick

1000 Wakening Essence trickUse this 1000 Wakening Essence trick to net a new legendary item. I would categorize this as a trick, rather than an exploit, since it's going to cost you $25 per character, and take about 3 days. However, it's cheaper than paying a powerleveling company to farm them for you, which will run about $75 and take 2 weeks or more.

1000 Wakening Essence trick

1000 Wakening Essence will net you 1 ilvl 190 legendary item. Which pieces you use them on, will be up to you. You can do this for multiple characters, but there are a couple of restrictions - besides the cost and 3 day waiting period.

I should also mention, that you can do this multiple times, but each time it will be 3 days, and $25. 

The 1000 Wakening Essence trick is fairly simple: If you transfer your character to a different realm, you will gain the Mythic Plus Chest. I just transfered my characters to another realm and I could open the Mythic Plus Chest again with each character!

Pro Tip: If you boost a character to 110 and go to your class hall, you have access to the Mythic Plus Chest again and can get 1000 essences.

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The only downside we found to this 1000 Wakening Essence trick, was that if you want to stay on the same realm, you will need to transfer out, and then in again, costing you $50, with no guarantee of another chest.

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