11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit – WoW

There is an exploit, which will allow you to have not 10, but rather an 11 Ship Naval Fleet in World of Warcraft. The nice thing about this exploit, is that it's repeatable. So if you lose some ships, you can still go back and create first 10, then another 11 Ship Naval Fleet.

11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit for WoW

11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit

Since this 11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit is not yet fixed, and really useful, we are locking it into our VIP section. It will not only allow you to create an 11th ship again, if one or more is destroyed, but also allow you to complete missions with all 11 ships, rather then just 10. This gives you a distinct advantage when going on missions with your fleet.

This 11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit doesn't require any external tool, macro, or game hack. So no worrying about Blizzard catching you, using their know anti-cheat tool, Warden. If you choose however, you can use a auto-clicker to speed up the process, but none of that is needed, if you follow these exact instructions. Should you mess up, you can start over with no adverse effects.

11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit Requirements:

  • You must be Exalted with the Order of the Awakened faction
  • Character must be Level 100
  • Have a shipyard already built in your garrison.

11 Ship Naval Fleet Exploit Instructions:

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