2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts Revealed

If you didn't know this already, here are the 2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts and a short list of the other items you will get for attending the virtual Blizzcon, which is to say you pay for streaming access.

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2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts

If you're Alliance, you will get the Stormwind Skychaser mount and Horde will receive the Orgrimmar Interceptor. Personally, I think the Horde side is a better looking mount, but that's just my 2 coppers. You can get either mount, plus a few other items for various games, by clicking here and purchasing that 2017 Blizzcon ticket.

2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts

Just as a reminder, Blizzcon mounts do tend to sell upwards of $100 on eBay, after the event. Some are still selling for over $250, simply for their rareity at this point. If you do nothing else this year, we recommend buying the Blizzcon Virtual ticket, to get the virtual swag bag.

Additionally you will also get besides the 2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts, the following;

  • Winston Skin for OW
  • SC2 Junker, Probe, Drone Skins
  • HOTS mount and more
  • Murkromancer Pet for d3
  • Mystery goodie for Hearthstone (golden legi), which will be announced after the event.

Read More and see the images here for the additional items along with the 2017 Blizzcon WoW Mounts.

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