20k Gold Value Hourly – WoW

So when I say 20k Gold Value Hourly20k Gold Value Hourly - WoW, I mean you can farm this item value in WoW Gold, every hour of every day, using this method. However because some of the items you will be farming are transmog items, these items might take weeks to sell. On the other hand, all the other loot you gather, can easily make up for it.

20k Gold Value Hourly in World of Warcraft

Who? What? Where? Why? ... How do we farm 20k Gold Value Hourly? This my friends is actually very simple, assuming you have a character with some sort of an AoE attack.

Fastest WoW Leveling  Guide

To 20k Gold Value Hourly, we're going to  head on over too Tanaris, then fly too Zul'farrak. BUT! Don't enter the instance itself.

Go to the stairs in the zone, kill all the mobs, realm jump and repeat. 

You're looking for transmog items mainly, but theres also quite a bit of cloth dropping, if its worth anything on your server. If not, then don't bother or vendor it.

Keep in mind that the numbers listed are in ITEM VALUE, these transmog items can take weeks to sell! Its really depending on what realm you're on and what you manage to find, as well as your skills in selling.

For more info on how to farm 20k Gold Value Hourly in World of Warcraft, watch the video below.

Take the Guesswork out of Gold Farming

In order to use this 20k Gold Value Hourly gold farming method, you are going to need to use the addon called Cross Realm Assist. This will help you to join a group on another realm, allowing you to server hop very quickly. We won't be doing anything other the realm jumping, killing mobs, and jumping again.

In the above video, we show you a spot. That's the area to do your killing and realm hopping. On this spot you can farm 20k Gold Value Hourly - or even more, this is in item value, it doesn't mean that the items are gonna sell for their estimated value, and it may take some time to sell these items. Quick sale value, is probably much less, especially if you plan to just vendor everything.

Some sets to achieve the 20k Gold Value Hourly, are :

  • Ancient
  • Blood Forged
  • Bloodwoven
  • Ravager's
  • Silksand
  • Tyrant's
  • Warbringer's
  • Windchaser

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