Add Voice Acted WoW Quests 1-10

You can now Add Voice Acted WoW Quests - as an addon. If you've ever played any of the myriad of other games out now, many of them offer the ability to not just read quests, but also hear them as though spoken from the NPC. That's now possible... kind of.

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Add Voice Acted WoW Quests

Add Voice Acted WoW QuestsSo before I let you know how to Add Voice Acted WoW Quests, you should know that this project thus far has only the first quests available, while your character is less than level 10. If enough people appreciate the work done by this lone beginning voice actor, then he will add the voice acting to levels 1-60. 

Since this last patch is all about trying to immerse the player in the world of Azeroth, why not add voice to make it even better?

I just want to say his voice acting skills are a bit poor and that his equipment isn't the best either, but if enough people become interested, perhaps we can change that.

This method isn't overly difficult to implement, and we are aware that others have tried to do something like this in the past, notably, bellular. This is more simple that that however, it only plays mp3 files nothing more. It doesn't change anything in the game nor does it alter any file, it's basically just you going to your ipod and playing an mp3 over the quest description.

This voiced quests pack, requires the addon "Gag" a very cool addon that plays custom sounds by using a / command or by clicking the button near the minimap. Also, if members in your party also have the addon installed, when played by one person, all the other persons playing will also hear it.

Add Voice Acted WoW Quests Instructions

  1. Talk to an Npc that gives a quest.
  2. When you select the quest, you go to the "gag" button near the minimap
  3. Select the zone you want, and the the name of the quest

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Here is the link for the voice acted quests, just extract the file to your addons folder, and don't forget to download "gag" addon first! here is the link Gag - Voice acted quests Starting Zones

Remember to bookmark the page, as 10-60 quests will follow. Please contact the author if you are interested in helping out on the project in any way.

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