Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes – WoW

Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes - WoWHow would you like to have an Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes? This is one of those unexpected uses for an item which will allow you to call some friends to help you out, no matter which class you are. It can be used in - Dungeons (CM or Timewalking), Battlegrounds, and even open world. I have not tested it yet in Arena, but everywhere I have checked thus far, has worked. Let me repeat that ... ADDITIONAL 10k DPS for 10 MINUTES! This is a very powerful concept.

Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes

So let me first start by saying that when you use this Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes, you only get to use it once per hour. So if you are in Battlegrounds or Arena, or where ever else, use it only in an emergency, because you might only get it that once.

To get the Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes, you are going to need to follow a series of quests. After you are done, you will get a rare trinket, which will call on some level 100 "followers" to help you to do battle.

Thats it, for the item which gives you an Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes. However we also will share you another item which will temporarily increase your DPS. This item however will only allow you to summon a level 80 follower to help you out. On the plus side, it can be used every 15 minutes, which might be able to be used more effectively especially in Arenas.

The Darktide Summoner Staff drops from Darkmaster Go'vid. It summons a lobstrok for 1 min every 15 min (see image above) and the "buff" will stay when you equip a different weapon.

Have fun with these items which will grant you an Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes. If you missed it, we actually named 2 items, but the one that everyone can see if a level 80 "follower", not the truly epic item, but still worthy of this site...

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