AFK Invasion Leveling Script – WoW

AFK Invasion Leveling ScriptIf you want to do the Invasion (pre-quests to LEGION expansion), then this AFK Invasion Leveling Script might be of help. Of course if you want to level manually, then this isn't for you. You will need to install and Run AutoIt if you don't already have it installed.

WARNING: Using AutoIt to automate WoW is against the TOS and if caught, could result in a suspension or ban. However AutoIt, the program itself can be used in legitimate ways. As such, as long as you aren't changing memory addresses, it's highly unlikely you will be caught - but shizz happens - thus the warning...

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AFK Invasion Leveling Script

So to start, in order to use this AFK Invasion Leveling Script, you need to download and install AutoIt. You will also need the addon called General Invite. Get it and install it for WoW.


  1. After installing AutoIt and the addon, make a new script in SciTe Script Editor.
  2. Copy the AutoIt macro below, and then save and compile the script to an exe.
  3. Next, go Ingame and make two Macros (see below).
  4. Set the first Macro into the 2nd action bar slot, and the second macro as the 3rd action slot.
  5. Now go stand in safe place. For example at the inn whith Dun Morogh
  6. Start the AutoIt Script/Exe
  7. Enjoy!

Now the first in-game macro:

/script LeaveParty()

And the Second in-game macro:


We hope you found this AFK Invasion Leveling Script useful, please leave your comments below. Credit to DrFofilly for the script.

2 Responses to AFK Invasion Leveling Script – WoW

  1. Apraxiahs says:

    When I try to start it it says the script has stopped / paused and I can’t unpause it

  2. Spitt says:

    First off, if you aren’t a VIP member, you don’t have access to the entire script. The AutoIt portion is hidden. If you have access, then make sure you’re running the x86 compatibility of AutoIt not the 64bit version.

    There are a total of 3 scripts. Ensure that the 2 at the bottom are used in-game, and the one at the top, is used in AutoIt. You don’t need to compile it if you don’t want to. You can just save it in Notepad, and save the extension as .au3, then run the script separately.

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