AFK Leveling Druid to 110 – WoW Cheat

It's possible to go Druid AFK Leveling to 110 with No Bots. I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it - but it does work. The WoW Cheat I am going to share will net you about 500exp per kill, so it will take about 1 to 1.5 hours per level, but since you can do it completely AFK, without the use of bots - in an instance no less, I think we are fairly safe from prying eyes. The only thing I am going to suggest is using a macro to keep your game active - if you tried this and get disconnected for no movement.

AFK Leveling Druid to 110 - No Bots

The way this AFK Leveling Druid to 110 WoW Cheat works, is to tank a boss, but not enough to kill it, and then to just kill the adds, so that you can repeat this endlessly as more of them are spawned. We do this in an instance, away from prying eyes, and away from interruptions. It should be noted that WoW Cheat can also work for other classes which have a similar ability combo - but you should be able to figure which ones you will need, if they are your class to play.

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