Ancient Mana Farming – WoW

You will be able to do Ancient Mana Farming, for about 300-600 in about 5 minutes. You will need Ancient Mana for the Withered Army world quest & 3 Daily Quests for around 2000 Ancient Mana, and of course to buy the Souvenirs and Toys.

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Ancient Mana Farming

ancient-mana-farmingOption 1 : Head to Suramar 50,77 (the Market Area).

Option 2 : Falanar Basement to the East Side Around 20,35

You will find Mana Infused GemsTwice Fortified ArcWine, and LeyPetal Blossoms and many others. 

JacinThe simple trick which we used in WOD was Realm Hopping via Addons such as Cross Realm Assist. Farm the gems then Hop again and you will find them respawned,then leave the Group and you find them respawned again, your biggest Farm is the Wine that Gives between 100-200 Ancient Mana.

There is an NPC kid around the area that sells Illusion Bombs that fool the guards for 25 Ancient Mana, which will help you survive by being undetectable to the guards. Find the NPC called Jacin near 48,81.

The toys and souvenirs you can collect after Ancient Mana Farming, are as as follows...

NAME Type Ancient
Mana Cost

Ancient Mana is an endgame currency exclusive to Suramar for level 110 characters. It is used mostly

  • to train your withered army
  • to activate Teleporters and Leyline feeds
  • to feed quest NPCs to keep them sane
  • to buy various items and gain beneficial buffs

Ancient Mana Farming

  • Loot Ancient Mana directly from mobs
  • Multiply the loot amount by activating Leyline feeds
  • Grab mana-giving items from various containers within the zone
  • Complete world quests with mana reward
  • Gathering professions also provide some mana at low chance
  • Use  Boon of the Manaseeker special shoulder enchant to receive  Mana-Tinged Pack occasionally
  • Use Leyline Mastery and stay near the rift to accumulate some more mana

Ancient Mana Farming Limitations
The starting cap of your mana is 300 but you can rise it by couple of ways like completing particular quests in Suramar and obtaining special items that increase mana cap:  Volatile Leyline Crystal,  Kyrtos's Research Notes, etc. There's also an achievement to unlock all available increase: Why Can't I Hold All This Mana?.

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