AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons – WoW

I've spent the past couple of hours AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons (Artifact Power) on an alt with almost no gear (~800 ilvl) and a guild group of five running Timewalking dungeons, we are averaging about 250AP - 300AP per minute. It is turning out to be a solid farming method without any downtime.

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AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons

Timewalking Dungeons are currently one of the fastest ways to consistently farm AP, especially in a premade/guild group. While Mythic+ does provide more, it also requires people to provide constant low rank keystones which means waiting around. It also requires you to have somewhat decent gear to provide carries usually, and requires effort.

In complete contrast, all of the bosses provide a guaranteed [Jewel of Victory] for each boss kill, and Timewalking Dungeons are significantly undertuned/a lot easier than they were in WoD.

AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons - WoW

To make the most of it, it's best to create a group with strong AoE and movement speed increases. Enhancement Shaman, Balance Druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter and WW Monk all make great options. Blood DK is the best tank for survivability while healer is not that important.

The aim is to pull as much trash as possible. You should be aiming to get one or two large packs of trash to AoE down per area between bosses while running to the next boss. Use CDs on each boss and they'll die in seconds, and repeat until the end.

To speed up the process, bring along old legendary items. Though weapons are pretty much obsolete because of Artifact Weapons, the MoP Cloak, WoD Ring as well as OP trinkets from previous expansions all provide a huge boost - especially ones with AoE capabilities. MoP/WoD Flasks and Potions also provide a sizable boost in damage, and should be cheap to obtain from the AH as people continue to sell off old stock.

AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons - WoW Guide written by Smitten


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