Arena Exploit – Mage Double Trinket Burst – WoW

Arena Exploit

Arena ExploitThis Mage Double Trinket Burst Arena Exploit, will only work for mages, and while it works best in Arenas, it can also be used in Battlegrounds or in PVE combat. It will allow you to get two consecutive or overlapping buffs from on-use trinkets.

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Arena Exploit - Mage Double Trinket Burst Instructions:

  1. Use on-use trinket before you enter combat.
  2. Use Alter Time spell.
  3. Switch trinkets, enter combat, burst away. 

Note: You can change the trinkets in the holding area before you enter combat. Unless you're facing a well-geared healer the Mage Double Trinket Burst Arena Exploit, is usually enough to burst your opponents down.

This Arena Exploit is especially effective to turning a 3v3 into a 3v2 Arena, or 2v1. However you might be thinking it's a bit of a cheese. In some cases, I would have to agree, but getting your ranking up, with better gear and more wins, makes up for it in my book. 

Some might argue that it's not intended, and it's keen to point out that it can ONLY be done in the staging areas, as once you are on the Arena floor, you won't be able to do this trick (so use wisely). But I want to point out that if it were not an exploit, then you would be able to do this Arena Exploit on the Arena floor, bot just in the staging area.


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