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In this Battle for Azeroth Beta Exploration, we take up the old-school method of exploring the game. Years ago, we used to explore World of Warcraft, by any means necessary, and there were some pretty spectacular views, and some pretty boring ones. We did it, without game hacking, but by using terrain, and a character's special abilities. For example, to get to GM Island, you had to use a level 1 Night Elf healer, to get to it without dying. 

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Battle for Azeroth Beta Exploration

Preorder the Battle for Azeroth xpac todayI'll tell you a secret, GM Island was found by the real explorers of WoW, the type that did it by any means necessary. They used model viewer, they used model edits, they extracted maps from within the game files. Once you have the maps, you know something is there. Then it's a matter of figuring out how to get there. To get to GM island, we used a model swap, to create a land bridge, and you could not get there, with more than a level 1, due to fatigue death.

So now, we're going to take a look at some Battle for Azeroth Beta Exploration videos, which were leaked. Mind you, these are not from the original pioneers, who used game hacking. Instead, these come from guys who used their wits and a lot of running and trying to blink or mount through walls. Was it worth it? You be the judge...

Battle for Azeroth Beta Exploration Videos

In this one we make our way out of a dungeon through a missing invisible wall.

The first thing any reasonable person does in a new expansion is of course... swim into the ocean until they find an island. Lucky me, I found one in the horde zone.

PlayerAuctions - Best Place To Buy WOW GoldIt is tricky to get here. You'll need a lot of heals and a dungeon queue to pop at some point within the 6 minutes before your corpse releases. Even with that I barely made it. 

NOTE: You cannot queue up while dead. Do it beforehand or while swimming if the queue on your server is fast.

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