Name Change a How To Guide

Battle.Net Name Change Name ChangeSome people have recently made some guides on how to name change an account, but they say that you just need to call Blizzard and ask them to change the name, and all you will need is the ID of the person who is the Original Owner. This is not the method which I learned, so I am going to share these alternative methods with you.

WARNING: This method requires PhotoShop or mad image editing skills, and you WILL be making fake documents. This method IS illegal, and while Blizzard can't arrest you, there is a chance that if you do something wrong, that you could lock the account. However, using this method, if at first you don't succeed, others have managed to get it to work...

Ok, so let's talk about this. Obviously, you need photo editing skills. In fact, you need pretty darned good skills. If you can't make something look real, you should NOT try this. You WILL need to call Blizzard, and you WILL need to send them documents via email. If you're ok with this, let's get on how to do a name change.

DISCLAIMER: I will NOT show you how to do this. I will NOT edit documents for you. I will NOT do any work for you. I am merely telling you the different methods which others have used, start to finish. On Average, a name change will take about 2-3 days to complete.

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