BG Honor Grinding Auto Clicker

Hey guys, since the release of patch 3.2 getting honor in AV is outstanding

100k xp for all 4 towers down

25k xp for killing bal/galv

25k xp for winning or losing AV

and this is also great for 80 mains who need honor/marks/rep fast

Setting Up The Program

The first thing is first downloading the Program.

Mouse Machine 1.1

After Downloading the Program, Set up 5 different auto clickers

1 - For Opening the PvP Tab

2 - For Queeing for the Battle

3 - For Entering the Battle / Releasing if dead

4 - Casts a spell every one minute

5 - Leaves the battle ground after completed.

As you can see my guy has gained over 50k honor over the past night. and gained 3 levels.

Ok, After Downloading the Program you want to go into WoW Options in Game ---> Video ---> Enable Windowed Mode ---> Apply.


Now set up five mouse machines and open one. (Make sure its over lapping WoW)

Now that one is over laying wow, hit the "SET BUTTON" and then click the PvP Tab down below. After clicking the PvP tab go back to the First mouse machine and you will notice that two separate cords are now there.

Simply do this for the next four.

For the 2nd Mouse Machine, open the PvP Tab -> Then click battle grounds.

You're going to make a clicker for the "Join Battle" Button, so make sure you're 2nd clicker is open. hit "Set" and click the Join Battle Button.


For the 3rd Mouse Machine, quee for a battle and wait till the the box opens up. After it pops up hit "Set" and Click on the top right hand corner of the "Enter Battle"


For the 4th Mouse Machine, you will need to choose a spell that you can use every minute.

Rogue - CoS

Mage - Arance Intell

Lock - Fel Armor

Warrior - Blood Rage

DK - Horn

Hunter - Trap

Shammy - a Heal

Druid - Heal / Buff

Priest - Bubble / Heal / Buff


Now make sure the spell you are going to use is on your action bars.

Now hit "Set" and click the spell.


the 5th one you will need to wait to complete an AV, after finishing it. a Screen Should Pop up. Hit "Set" and click the "Leave Battle Ground" Button


Timing the Machines

For the first mouse machine i set it for "30 seconds"

For the 2nd mouse machine i set it for "15 Seconds"

For the 3rd mouse machine i set it for "20 seconds"

For the 4th mouse machine i set it for "60 seconds"

For the 5th mouse machine i set it for "37 Seconds"

If you just leave it at 10 seconds it wont work properly.

How to set the time?

Where it says "Wait (Secs)" under neath you enter the numbers for each one up top

Will I get banned for this?

If used for more then 4-5 hours in a row, I can almost guarantee you will get a ban/warning.

Use this for short periods of time, and when you are around, in case a gm messages you.

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