Blizzard News May 2010

There are just a couple things I wanted to mention for our Blizzard players.

Blizzcon 2010

First Blizzcon tickets are going on sale on June 2 AND June 5, 2010.  The convention itself, will again be held in Anaheim, on October 22 and 23, 2010.  Tickets will again be $150 each, however I am not sure the price is warranted this year, as the only additional thing they are throwing in, is a comedy performance.  However unannounced, was the possibility for what the grab bag will be this year.  Last year, they gave a murloc marine pet for WoW, an authenticator, an art book, and a 7 inch tall figurine made of plastic, plus some other junk and coupons... Plus of course you got to seen an outdated rock star perform on stage (Ozzie Osborne), who would probably play in Vegas for free at their outdoor arenas. Overall not really any good prizes.

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The 2008 Blizzcon, which cost $100 to get in, gave a Bear mount, with a murloc holding a flag, sitting on it's head.  This mount was such a collector's item, that it still sells for $200 or more. This was definitely a great give away.

This time around, I want to try and guess at what they are going to give. Besides the normal junk, coupons and flyers, I am speculating, what they are going to be giving away.  I figure something for Starcraft 2 players, something they can show off in game, but I am not sure what t could be.  If Blizzard is smart, they will give away a special mount for WoW, as that will get them a lot more Direct TV subscribers as well, and maybe a figurine from the Diablo universe -or- Diablo 3 beta access.  The last of course would be the coup-de-grâce.

I can't think of anything new they will surprise users with, since Diablo 3 was announced a while back, unless perhaps beta access will be hitting the closed stage?

You can read more about the Blizzcon 2010 at the official site.

If there is further information on the event, we will try to keep you updated, but we welcome your speculations on the grab bag.

Starcraft 2

It's been announced that Starcraft 2, leaves beta on May 31.  Of course we already know that the game will be for sale on July 27, 2010.  You can of course pre-order Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, and probably get early access along with your pre-order.

Once the game is officially released, we will begin hiding some of the content for our VIP members.  The content will be exploits, cheats, and some programs.  Likely all guides will be free for all, with some advertisements.  If you plan to keep playing Starcraft 2, after the game is released, we suggest purchasing a subscription.  Posts for VIP members, will not have inline ads.

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