Blizzcon Virtual Ticket 2018 – WoW, D3, Overwatch

So the big news is that the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket 2018 is on sale now. The bad news for some players, is that the free virtual gift is not yet known. It seems that Blizzard is handing out the information piecemeal, perhaps to get the excitement going. However, you might want to wait till you find out what the gift is for your game, until the information is revealed. 

This year, we are also seeing a slight increase on the price of the virtual tickets. They used to go for $39, but the cost has been raised to a full $50 this year. No information why the prices have gone up.

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Blizzcon Virtual Ticket

Blizzcon seasons begins today with the launch of the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket, while the actual Blizzcon will be held about 7 weeks from now.

The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket provides comprehensive access to the show whether you’re joining the fun from home on or watching on the go with the free BlizzCon Mobile App (available now for Android and iOS).

This year’s festivities are already underway, with the premiere episodes of multiple original BlizzCon video series available to view now on the Watch tab and through the app. BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders can also help shape the show by voting for what they’d like to see on stage in a series of interactive BlizzCon Build-a-Panel polls. In addition, starting today BlizzCon ticket and Virtual Ticket holders will receive the first of this year’s commemorative BlizzCon in-game items: a diabolical legendary skin for Overwatch®’s Sombra that channels the iconic Demon Hunter class from Diablo® III.*

The celebration continues November 2 and 3, as the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket also grants complete live streaming access to the main event at the Anaheim Convention Center, including the BlizzCon All-Access channel, which acts as viewers’ tour guide through the two-day convention; the legendary cosplay and talent contests (and more) during Community Night; the closing-night festivities; as well as coverage of the panels and other activities from all three main stages—Mythic, Legendary, and Epic—on the BlizzCon show floor.

You can find the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket Features, by clicking here.

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket​If you plan to attend and purchase a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket, let us know. We want to hear about it. If you also do not play the other games where you get free skins, you can sell your unused skins over in our trade forums. They can be for World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Hearhtstone, Overwatch - or even other game codes for different games.

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