Blood of Sargeras farming method – WoW

If you need a simple Blood of Sargeras farming method, then this is the guide for you. It depends on being able to take on multiple mobs in packs and if you have more then one crafter, then this will be a very helpful guide to have.

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Blood of Sargeras farming method

Blood of Sargeras farming methodAs far as I can tell, this Blood of Sargeras farming method is the easiest way to farm these items. Blood of Sargeras is needed to craft rare gems, and this is a low effort method to farming them. There is a guide over at WoWhead, but it doesn't really meet my needs when it comes to farming these reagents quickly and easily.


  • This is intended for your crafting alts, the ones that need the Blood of Sargeras
  • This is RNG heavy, but has been working for me just fine over the last week


  • Revered with The Wardens, as you need the Boon of the bloodhunter enchant on your shoulders
  • Park the character in a area with high mob density (the murloc island in Val'Sharah, or any raptor WQ place)

Blood of Sargeras farming method

My aim is to take advantage of the "bad luck protection" that Blizzard has implemented in the game, and log in with the chars, get a quick drop for Bloodhunter's Quarry, worth 1-5 Blood of Sargeras, log out, and log back in later, rinse/repeat.

So I've been logging every ~2 hours, and it's really easy to get your Bloodhunter's Quarry drop by pulling packs of 10+ mobs and slaughtering them, usually doesn't take more than 4-5 pulls of this kind to get it. I tried to log in every hour, but either I've been RNG screwed or this "bad luck protection" has more than 60mins CD

Blood of Sargeras farming method found by user Iscariote

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