Bloody Coin Farming Fast – WoW

Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast

This method of Bloody Coin Farming Fast method, will gain you easily 30 per hour, but it's actually possible to acquire 70 an hour with this Bloody Coin Farming method. Bloody Coin Farming Fast methodThe amount you do, is completely up to you. It will require that you have a second account, but the second can be a starter edition account. The more accounts you have, the more you will be able to make.

Note: You will be using an AutoHotKey script to achieve these Bloody Coins. The script will allow you to multi-box the characters only.

Bloody Coin Farming Method

First, you need to download AutoHotKey and install it.

Second make 1 or more World of Warcraft Starter Edition Accounts.

If you have ISBoxer, this will make it easier to do, since you will need to multibox. You don't need to have ISBoxer installed however.

Next, create the following keybind on each character (not your main character which will be farming the bloody coins)...

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