Bot Rare Mounts Safely – WoW

It is possible to Bot Rare Mounts Safely, so that your account doesn't receive a ban, but you will have to use this specific method. First off, you're going to need to use a botting software, and there are several which are available at any given time, the most common AND safest one to use is Honor Buddy.

Bot Rare Mounts Safely

Bot Rare Mounts Safely - WoWOnce you get a bot, you need to learn it. It's best to do it on a new key, but you should only need the basic Battlechest. Luckily for you, with Black Friday coming up, the Blizzard store often sells these for cheat, usually around $5. If you are reading this after the holiday sale, then you can instead purchase from Kinguin, which is probably the second cheapest choice and where we recommend purchasing from.

Next, we'll need to set the process to ensure that we Bot Rare Mounts Safely...

Either of the methods should work to ensure that your Bot Rare Mounts Safely works and gets the mounts on your intended character. We do again urge the second method, but the first should also work. If you decide for whatever reason that you don't want to bot them, then you can use the link below to purchase some rare mounts as well...

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