Broken Isles Max DPS Cheat – WoW

The Broken Isles Max DPS Cheat will maximize the amount of DPS you can do anywhere in the Broken Isles. This means you will be able to do anywhere from 1.8M to 3.6M worth of damage easily as you battle your foes.

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Broken Isles Max DPS Cheat

Broken Isles Max DPS CheatNote: This CAN be used in World PVP, when you are in the Broken Isles!

Unfortunately, this is likely to get fixed soon, since someone decided to make it a very public exploit, by leaking it to youtube. When this happens, it gets fixed pretty damn quick. So, I am sharing it with you in turn, and you won't need to be a VIP member to get at it.

Broken Isles Max DPS Cheat steps

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